Maitri May
May studied Teacher Training in a catholic university in Alcalá (Madrid).

And also got training and worked as Leader and Director of Free Time Activities, Lodges and Camps, as a
volunteer teaching children for the Catholic Holy First Communion, in Caritas, in the Boy-Scouts of Spain and
Venezuela, in a Catholic Mission in Mexico, for an NGO for Street Children in Oaxaca-Mexico, an NGO for
Indigenous People in Ayutla-Mexico and with Mother Theresa in Calcutta-India.

She worked also in a Farm School in Alcalá, as Leader and Director for the summer school of an International
School and in different schools as school teacher and with very small children in a Creche in London, school
children in Germany and teaching adults in Japan and England.

She later got training in different kind of massages in places like in Thailand, India, Japan, England and Spain.
But life was not always so spiritual as it seems and as with a coin, light can´t exist without a dark side.

Now she is going for one of those things that “Matthew” told her as a child which she will do in life. And it doesn´t matter where, which, how…
she knows that it will happen
About the author
Maitri May
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She lived basically in India for 12 years attending philosophy teachings and seminars, doing spiritual retreats in India and Nepal, getting spiritual trainings
in different courses, at the same time that shared and learnt with shamans in Latinoamerica, Philippines and Nepal.

In Pune took part in courses like Rebalancing Massage, Chakra Healing, Shamanic Energy Work, and many other therapeutic workshops. Also learnt
several techniques of massage in different countries.

To deepen her healing techniques she exchanged knowledge with shamans in Mexico and Guatemala from whom she also learnt energy work, the art of
stones and crystal healing, and to read tarot cards and the aura. Learned the Four Tantras of the "Traditional Tibetan Medicine" with Tsering Tackchoe
Drungtso to the Men-Tsee-Khang Institute in Dharamsala / northern India, Reiki in Nepal, parapsychology in the Philippines, England and Germany, and
Hypnosis and Heilpraktiker (Psychotherapist in the Naturopathy / Alternative area)  in Germany. amongst many other things. In the Philippines she also
attended a seminar in Psychic Development and learnt and exchanged  with various Philippine healers. She has learnt Mediumship in the Arthur Findlay
College in England.

She gave lectures and seminars in different themes like Energy Work, Aura Reading, Healing (Crystal, Energy, Past lives, Tibetan), Intuition and
Shamanism, in Barcelona and gave a talk in the radio.

Currently she is working in Germany giving massages and Coaching, Psychological Counselor (TMI),  Hypnotist (TMI), does tarot
cards readings and clairvoyance, and also leading groups for spiritual journeys and seminars.