Spiritual and Life Counselling
With psychosocial care and guidance, the objective of a counselor can include finding a life purpose, overcoming obstacles, and
putting pain and grief into perspective, but also relationship, career, creativity, spiritual path, business, spirit guides, past lives, aura,
health, higher self, spirit helpers, etc, and one of the main goals is to help people reach a state of awareness, or self-realization.
Your inner thoughts, fears and desires shape who you are. By going to the source
of all misfortune in your life, and redirecting that source, you can drastically
change your life.
All it takes is belief.
The counsellor acts as motivator and mirror, which can help people finally realize that they are unique and amazing
beings. After working,many individuals will be conscious their own strengths and abilities, and focus on becoming
better people, at the same time that also helps people to be aware of just how interconnected they are with the rest of
the world.
What is Counselling ?
Trained as Psychotherapist in the Naturopathy / Alternative area, as well as hypnotherapist and in parapsychology, a
counselling with May equate a person’s wellbeing with the health of a person’s mind and body.

 Counsellings are possible by appointment in Munich, Starnberg or by Skype
Maitri May
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