Maitri May
If you want to offer a present to someone. Someone who deserves it for special occasions like:

* Birthday.
* Anniversary of: wedding, friendship, a happening...
* Passing an exam.
* Obtaining a diploma or title.
* Becoming a mother or father.
* Special days like: Mother´s day, Father´s day, Christmas, St. Claus...
* Finishing a job or something important.
* Getting married.
* Getting divorced.
* Getting out of a hospital or getting healthier.
* To help forgetting a problem.
* Any reason or motivation that makes you think that someone deserves to have a good time and improve his/her health
with relaxation.
Gift Voucher
Please contact us by e-mail and we will advise you how to make the payment, and we will send you the
voucher by Email.
Afterwards the person receiving the treatment / counselling will contact us by phone or email to arrange
the best date and time.
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