Maitri May
Dream a journey
Lanzarote has a magic to discover by entering in the spectacular volcanic
landscapes that seem to belong to distant worlds and where even the heat inside
the earth floats to the surface.

In collaboration with Geoviva Travels, we will use the days and nights in
volcanoes, caves, deserted beaches and many beautiful, mysterious power
spots of the Isla Mystica.
The place where we will stay is a secluded, ecological house
comfortably furnished, in a double or single room, with delicious
vegetarian / vegan food.

During the day find peace and time to yourself to get prepared
for the highly energetic fire ceremony at night.

We will also do trips to secluded beaches.
But during the day workshops are available with
voluntary participation and included already in
the costs, with sunrise torus Qi Gong , Fire
Breathing Exercises Meditation, individual &
group coaching, means of communication with
Q7 Hermetic, Karmic Coaching, Sound Healing,  
as well as crystal healing, energy work, chakras
and aura reading, intuition, the spiritual power of
massage and how to develop and practice
specific ESP skills, such as telepathy,  
psychometry (or object reading), Telekinesis,
Clairvoyance or remote viewing (any of these last
workshops to be selected by the majority of the
Starts the 26-12-16  at 16:00 hrs and finishes the 02-01-17  after breakfast.

Places are limited.

Price: from 1.299€ plus flight
In the evenings of tthe retreat we go to the most powerful places,
specially selected, and work with meditation, bonfires,
firewalking and special shamanic rituals and exercises that will
make us remember our own intuition and original strength