Maitri May
Dream a journey
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is not the typical holiday destination for most Europeans, but certainly there are things
which make this country special.

Starting in Rincon, which is best known for surfing and sunsets, beaches are small and the natural
attitude and leisurely pace of the place will soon win you over.

Rincón is known as Pueblo del Surfing (the surfing town) and El Pueblo de los Bellos Atardeceres (the
town of beautiful sunsets), located in the Western Coastal Valley, west of  Aguada.

Here we will dedicate time to experience with the different kinds of energy work and ESP development,
but also to enjoy the sun and beaches.
At the end of our staying in Rincon, we will travel further into
the mountains to have a wonderful spiritual journey into a
forest with a very magical energy, which will bring us an
unforgettable experience, with a magical event after a
meditation in the night.
We will pay a visit to the Parque Ceremonial Indígena de Caguana
, one of the largest and most important ceremonial sites in Puerto
Rico. The site's major period of occupation was from 400 through
1000 AD. The site consists of several stone-lined courts/plazas
shaded by native trees.

Then we will drive further towards Fajardo, to the other side of the
island, to have the possibility to go to one of the most spectacular
sights on a night trip in Caribbean waters by witnessing  hundreds
of tiny star-like bioluminescent plankton scintillating like a starry
sky as you move through the dark water, which captures and
retains large amounts of naturally occurring dinoflagellates that
glow when disturbed.
White-sand beach, and beautiful Caribbean-blue water.
Fish and corals of all types, making you feel like
snorkelling in an aquarium.
Famous for having  one of the 7 most beautiful
beaches on The Culebra National Wildlife Refuge
totals more than one-third of the islands' area, is
populated with terns, endangered turtles.

Hardly developed, this tiny island has miles of
shoreline, and lots of healthy sea life and coral
formations, which in Puerto Rico.
Everyone will be nourishing their souls and continuing learning and developing oneself from all our energy work and ESP skills, not just darken
our tans on holiday, but we will use this relaxing, isolated and beautiful natural environment to let our most spiritual self to come to the surface

We will have a healthy diet with vegan food made by a yoga teacher- nutrition specialist.
Price:. 1900€ excluding flight.