Tarot Cards Reading
Tarot is a tool suitable for meditation.
When one looks up the Tarot, it is not the
cards to be read:  is the own life. The
symbols show the basic experiences,
ourselves, our passions, our unconscious
desires, to turn it in understanding, in
consciousness. Is a way of self-knowledge
that shows us the journey in which we are.
The journey through the Tarot cards is a journey to our own depth, our deeper “I”. They will
be our bridges to take us in search of the ancestral wisdom that is there in our depths. A
needed wisdom to solve our personal problems.
The cards are a tool that help us for a conscious thinking. That glympse in which we can feel
so happy because a miracle has happened, we could understand, and when we have that
insight something changes in our inner self that later entails to change our environment
The Arcane don´t condemn nor judge anybody; they remind  to be self-conscious of our own
human nature. Everything that in life is a misfortune comes from the lack of clarity with
ourselves.  Once we overcome the illusion that confuse us, we have access to the possibility
to live an honest and real life, in which is no more necessary to pretend anything to anybody.
Problems are never outside of us, but inside of ourselves. We are used to call problem to the
external facts because we forget that the facts are always subjective.  We are still an unknown
That´s why the Tarot can help us to find our meanings and aims that can make us move.  The
cards never sentence our future, they only shows us the direction in which our steps go, and
after, it will be a decision of the consultant to do adjustments or modifications, or do nothing,
of the course. All of these means: Tarot brings freedom through knowledge.
Maitri May