Maitri May
Maitri Wellness Massages

Ayurvedic, Traditional Thai, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Holistic, Reflexology, Lymphdrainage, Ashiatsu,  Indian Head, Hopi Candles, , Hot Stones, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.

Advisory system consisting of Coaching, Building Biology and Home communications support, Seminars  and travels to the Pyramids of Bosnia, to Lanzarote and
Lunatour Fullmoon.
Pyramid Lodge – Seminar- & Guesthouse in Visoko

  Above the roofs of Visoko, on the saddle of the mountain Visocica, the so-called Sun Pyramide, sits the newly  built exclusive Pyramid Lodge. Just 10 minutes from the summit
 of this mystical and historic mountain where  there is a worldwide focus.With 14 guest rooms, conference room, fireplace bar & restaurant, and travel agency.


Medium, tarot card readings and Trance Healing
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