Maitri May
Dream a journey
Make the journey of your dreams
It is my intention to share my joy of travel and the experiences I have gained in all my
journeys by combining spirituality in it.

In partnership with Geoviva Travel, we offer spiritual retreats and journeys for the soul by
deepening our connections and expanding our consciousness but also these experiential
travels are awe-inspiring, soul-stirring, heart-opening, and life-changing.
As said in the introduction of the book, neuroplasticity is learning new, complex, difficult tasks because that is what forces us to exercise mental muscles.
And one of the best ways to do it, is by escaping the routine and in that way provide new stimuli to the brain so that it faces different challenges to
develop aspects that may be more dormant.

It´s not necessary to just drop everything, but do different things and incorporate other practices into our lives, but also as said in the introduction of
“Unconditional”, Ramón y Cajal, Nobel Prize in medicine, argued that traveling to a new city is great for neuroplasticity because you have to focus on
other life to adapt and anyone "can become the sculptor of his own brain.

Many people can travel to every end of the planet but the most profound part of their journey is the internal one, a mysterious adventure of self-discovery that would change their perspective
and life forever. We touch the hearts of others, interact, learn, expand our consciousness, and grow from our connections with other cultures and people, which is the only way we can truly
understand and have compassion for others.

We choose spiritual tours because we want to travel with like-minded people, to learn more about ourselves and our possibilities, we wish to connect with other cultures and spiritual traditions,
we have stress in our life and need to rest and be pampered or we want to have the kinds of spiritual experiences we have read about, amongst many other reasons.

We will learn also with crystals and crystal healing, energy work, chakras and aura reading, intuition, the spiritual power of massage and how to develop and practice specific ESP skills, such
as telepathy, psychometry (or object reading), Telekinesis, Clairvoyance or remote viewing.

We care for your personal growth, development and your spiritual transformation, and we work with you during your process. We show you not just with words, but by example how this is

Balance is the key for creating a lovely, healthy and supportive life dream, and we do that on sacred journeys and retreats so you can see for yourself how in our busy lives we can do our
spiritual work, but also have fun and still have time for ourselves, because we do process work and have group gatherings, but we also have time to have fun, relax, socialize and be private
and quiet.